2019 Korea Mesosphere DC/OS


해외 유명 기업 DC/OS 도입 사례를 기업 담당자가 여러분께 직접 소개합니다.

신청기간 : 2019.3.25 (월) ~ 2019.4.14 (일)

행사 안내Information

목적 DC/OS 컨테이너 클라우드 기반의 서비스 구축 및 실제 운영중인 기업의 생생한 경험
DevOps, Micro Service Architecture, Docker, Cloud 등 최신 트렌드 공유
일시 4월 15일 월요일 13:00 ~ 18:00
4월 16일 화요일 10:00 ~ 15:30
장소 JW 메리어트 서울 5층 그랜드 볼룸홀

JW 메리어트 서울

지하철 3호선,7호선 고속터미널역 7번출구 방향으로 도보로 약 5분
호남선/호남고속터미널 정류장 3422, 5413, 서초10, 서초14
반포역 방면 142, 143, 148, 360, 362, 401, 452, 540, 640, 643, 3012, 3414, 4212, 4318, 6411, 9408, 9500, 9501, 9802, M6427, 9007, 6427


15th (Mon) Day 1
13:00~13:30 Registration
13:30~13:40 Key Note – World-wide market status of container cloud William Freiberg
President and COO
Mesosphere, Inc.
13:40~14:40 Session 1 – Micro-Service Architecture implementation using DC/OS Lee, YongHyuk
14:40~15:20 Coffee Break Time
15:20~16:20 Session 2 – General use cases on top of DC/OS World-wide for the Telco and IT service sector Sam Chen
Reginal VP of APJ
Mesosphere, Inc.
16:20~16:30 Break Time
16:30~17:30 Session 3 – Building and IoT Data Analytics Platform with DC/OS for the Automotive Sector Marc Jäckle
Executive IT Architect
18:30~21:00 Dinner & Networking
  • -Use case of DC/OS and Deep Dive Q&A
  • -Dinner Buffet
16th (Tue) Day 2
10:00~10:30 Registration
10:30~11:30 Session 4 – Use case of Deep learning system based on container Shin, JongMin
Senior Consultant
HPE Korea
11:30~12:30 Session 5 – Use case of IoT service platform on cruise Ben Lin
Technical Director
Mesosphere, Inc.
12:30~13:30 Coffee Break Time
13:30~14:30 Session 6 – The next generation of GE transportation IoT Aaron Mitti
CTO and Chief Architect
GE Transportation, a Wabtec Company
14:30~14:40 Break Time
14:40~15:40 Session 7 –The best practices of Uber in using Mesos Liu, Yunpeng
Senior Engineer

※ Time-table might be changed upon speaker’s schedule.


Aaron Mitti CTO and Chief Architect at GE Transportation, a Wabtec Company
Ben Lin Technical Director at Mesosphere, inc.
Marc Jäckle Executive IT Architect at MaibornWolff
Liu, Yunpeng Senior Engineer at Uber

해외초청업체An overseas invitee

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2019 Korea Mesosphere DC/OS Conference

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